Welcome to SMart, a boutique supplier of quality
wall art deco – at prices you can afford.

Susan McDonald

Interior design consultant and owner of SMart

Hi, I’m Susan McDonald, interior design consultant and owner of SMart. I founded SMart to fill a  gap in the market for quality art at affordable prices. Frustrated by witnessing too many suppliers taking advantage of clients by palming off overpriced stock art, I wanted to create a business that could meet clients’ design needs artistically, financially and practically.

At SMart, we supply both original and printed wall art deco to interior stylists, real estate agencies, property developers and creative agencies.

We understand that as stylists, designers and creative agencies, you have one of the hardest, most stressful jobs in the design space and our goal is to make your job easier. And so SMart is about offering a seamless customer service experience when it comes to delivery, flexibility and quality. You have a varied portfolio of designs to choose from, as well as the option to let us create a custom design to achieve a particular look or vibe.

Our designs are about tying spaces together, inciting passion and creating a connection with people. We have an eye for art, a constantly changing inventory of designs and the versatility to meet your demands each and every time.

Call us today and let’s explore how SMart can create a stunning effect for your commercial or residential project, contact us